Special Guest: Marina Amaral

marina-amaralIt is my honor to introduce the very first guest in the Smart History of Russia blog – Marina Amaral, a renown photo colorist. She creates pure magic on a daily basis with Photoshop and her extraordinary eye for color.

From the day that she decided to combine her fascination with history and skill using Photoshop, Marina Amaral has made a series of breathtaking photo colorizations that have created quite a sensation in the social media sphere.

Her work has been featured in newspapers and magazines. She has also colorized many of the most memorable Russian history photographs, some of which we have never seen in full color before. Let her speak about it herself.

How and why did you start colorizing old photographs? 

I have many years of experience in Photoshop, and I’ve always been a history lover. When I found some colorizations on the internet a year ago, I felt that I could do the same thing. Since then, I’ve been practicing every day. That’s what I do for a living. That changed my life in many ways, because this is now my full-time job, and I love what I do.

What is your creative process like?

The process may sound simple, but it’s not. There is no magic. It takes a long time and there is no software to do everything automatically, unlike what many people can think. Every inch of a photograph is colored by hand.

I need to be as accurate as possible with every aspect of the image. The process is all manual. All my images go through a long period of research, and only then I am able to identify some of the main colors.

SmartHistories Youtube 2560x1440px_12

Truly just amazing work. I love the way the color doesn’t interfere as it so often can with colorizing

– S.Smith @optimistelf

What is your favorite event or epoch of Russian history?

I am starting to read about the Romanov family and I am completely fascinated by it.

Anastasia Romanova (1906)

What is the best way to contact you?

You can see my portfolio if you visit my website at marinamaral.com, I am also actively posting on twitter and here is my facebook page, but the best way to contact me is to write me an email at contact@marinamaral.com.

It is amazing how these colors make the history feel so much more real. Fantastic work.

– Steven Weldler @StevenWeldler

Marina Amaral rewrites history by adding colour to historic photographs. Follow her here: @marinamaral2

– Jeff Siepman @JeffSiepman


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